card: Wood anemone / Vitsippor _ on brown

card #181 “Wood Anemone” / “Vitsippor”  latin: Anemone nemorosa  (on brown)

Art greeting card, folded, 15×15 cm, blank inside. Comes with envelope, 15,5×15,5 cm. The mat nature white paper in both the card and the envelope is environmentally friendly produced at a Swedish paper mill. 

The name of the motive is printed in Swedish and in English on the rear of the card. On cards with flora and fauna motives is their latin name added. 

EAN barcode printed on rear, the same on all cards. Nordic Ecolabel. Made in Sweden. 

Cellophane wrapping is optional and has to be ordered separately.


When the winters snow is gone, the wooden anemones let their snowflake-white petals explode and overwhelm the greyish forest floors with endless white dotted green fluffy carpets. Every year it’s the same incredible feeling to see it happen.

For many swedes it’s almost a sacred moment when they go out in the fresh chilly forests of april to pick the first wood anemones. It’s a sign of “winter is finally gone and a new season of leaves and flowers is to come”. We tuck away the mittens into the pockets of our jackets and with freezing and excited hands we pick a fairytale bouquet of the delicate and graceful white flowers in their green foliage ballet skirts. We bring them home and put them in the mandatory little vase especially dedicated for tiny, delicate spring flowers.

Additional information

Weight 18.5 g
Dimensions 15.5 × 15.5 × 0.12 cm


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